"Life is not a brief candle. It is a splendid torch that I want to make burn as brightly as possible before handing on to future generations."
-- George Bernard Shaw
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{Female statues, embracing} Strange Sisters -- She's Got the Look
A cabaret performance
Curated and Hosted by Lisa Ayuso and Mariko Tamaki w/Jane Farrow
Played at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, October 1, 1999
Next Show: June 16, 2000
Review by Heather Bell, editor of dykesonline


This was all I could think as the last act finished and the evening's participants were called up to the stage to take a final bow.

The last "Strange Sisters" of the millennium was my first. Needless to say, it definitely will not be my last! Just entering the theatre and taking my seat, I was filled with the energy of being amongst so many women.

The show began when departing curator, Jane Farrow, introduced co-hosts, Lisa Ayuso and Mariko Tamaki. These two women were bright, articulate, funny, and between acts let us know they had the look w/costume changes that were cute, exposed cleavage and dipped into mother's wardrobe to borrow a housecoat. They also did a wonderful job in the opening of act 2 in ‘Revelations in an Empty Parking Lot'.

There is such an eclectic diversity within our community that can sometimes get lost. That is, until a night like "Strange Sisters" brings it all together. The show opened w/‘Raise the House' featuring Melissa Levin, Shira Spector, Anna Camilleri and Antoinette Oliphant and finished with a fashion show courtesy of The Fabulous Drag Kings. There was standup comic Dawn Whitwell who made me chuckle, and Lex Vaughn, who brought me to laughter when she cut herself shaving while acting all suave and ended with her walking off the stage in bunny ears.

The funniest by far though was the single "Strange Sister", Shoshana Sperling. Her one-woman show derived from her 40-page act "Boot Saucy" was just that, saucy. Evalyn Parry hit close to my own dreams of avoiding catholic guilt every time I sleep with a woman when she brought to life for us ‘The Freelance Lover'. Almost makes me want to give up my career, work for Starbucks on Church St. and, well, as she so aptly stated, become the freelance lover.

The act that impressed me the most was performed by the Sacred Sex Kittens. They did a piece entitled ‘Conversations with God'. Now if repenting my sins and embracing the word of God actually could take me to this heavenly god, I would eagerly drink of the wine and feast upon the bread! Their sheepish acts of penetration and the climax of god bestowing her feminine virtues across the stage were some of the best religion I have ever seen.

Ladies, we are lucky to be dykes and should venture out to support next year's "Strange Sisters" because from my perspective, this one definitely has the look.

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