"Music washes away from the soul, the dust of everyday life."
-- Berthold Auerbach
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{CD cover} Wishing Well
By Gwyneth Baillie
Review by Michael Cottrell

This is a queer woman with a voice! It is not too often that I get excited, I mean really excited about a musician unless they strike a certain chord in me. Gwyneth Baillie has that ability. There is an edge to her vocals in which it seems her very soul escapes to stir her listeners.

 {Photo from Shaking The Foundations}
Left: Gwyneth Baillie

I first met up with Gwyneth at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre during her performance of Shaking the Foundations. Now I don't want to say how many times I went back to watch this show, but let's just say the door people were getting a little freaked out. Was I becoming a groupie?

Whereas Shaking the Foundation was the lyrics of Carole Pope, Wishing Well is Gwyneth's.

Now I don't want to go on and start sounding like an obsessed fan, but Wishing Well is good music. Gwyneth's poetic lyrics, although not deeply complex, do create images…

"Next to you the sky gets bluer,
the truth gets truer,
and dogs all smile.

Next to you the stars are frozen.
The moon goes out of style next to you.
What do I have to do to get next to you?"


Gloomy Sunday (the Hungarian Suicide Song) is not Gwyneth's writing. I didn't know whether or not to laugh or to cry. I still haven't figured it out after many listens but it does make for good drama, and the drama queen in me did enjoy...

"My heart and I have decided to end it all."

Combined with a voice that is on the edge, Gwyneth has pulled together a good listening album. It is great to hear queer music that strikes a chord within one's being.

Gwyneth's CD is self-published; you can contact her at gwynethbaillie@hotmail.com.

Photos: CD cover by Gwyneth Baillie; Shaking The Foundations by David Hawe

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