"Music washes away from the soul, the dust of everyday life."
-- Berthold Auerbach
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{CD cover} Silent Too Long
By Steve Cohen
Hurricane Recording Company H-04932-9
Review by Michael Cottrell

Springtime is finally here in the Great White North. The last of winter's winds, snow, and slush are all but a distant memory. While most boys' thoughts turn to fast cars and motorcycles, mine… well mine… hell my mind just keeps coasting along like it does from one season to the next, day in and day out, but then that would not make a very interesting segue into music now, does it?

Way back when the snow started flying, a package from Philadelphia landed on my desk containing Steve Cohen's first CD, Silent Too Long.

{Mossy rocks, stormy sea, and Steve}ALIGN=I became aware of Steve's work through a great resource for gay and lesbian artists called Ladyslipper Inc. Ladyslipper has one of the most thorough website listings that I have run across. Cohen's title caught my eye.

Having just received Barbara's latest release (gag me with a spoon), I was in need for some good queer music and Steve's package arrived just on time.

Sitting with boyfriend over a candlelight dinner, Silent Too Long played in the background. There was something reminiscent in Cohen's voice and style of lyrics. He writes all of his music. I kept mulling the voice over. It was good, soothing and yet poignant.

I've been silent too long.
I never said a word.
Nothin' was heard

And at the church, they oppressed me.
In confession I couldn't be free
While the preachers led their double lives,
I kept it all inside.

Queer music at its best. In our small little worlds where we live out our day-to-day lives, we can easily forget the path that many of us have taken. The freedoms that we have won and, sadly, the freedoms we have yet to gain.

Silent Too Long reminds us of the journey that we are on.

Still, there was something about his voice... Later, crawling into bed, I exclaimed "Billy Vera". No, Billy was not in my bed. Steven Cohen's voice reminded me of Billy Vera, as in Billy Vera and the Beaters.

Silent Too Long is a good, mellow album. It isn't going to set the world on fire with blazing anthems, but is great for reminding us that we are here and we are queer.

{ Flash: }Steve Cohen's much-anticipated second album has just been released for spring 2000. For more information on Steve's music, log onto his website at http://members.aol.com/KeysCohen/. Steve can also be reached at KeyCohen@aol.com.

Photos by Carmen J. DiBenedetto

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