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L'Orang is a premier e-zine for gay and lesbian arts and culture in Toronto, Ontario and surrounding regions.

L'Orang came about in two parts.

The image, which became the logo, came to me in a dream. I was sitting by the river bank with my lover (now the ex) and across a jungle-roped bridge -- hey it is a summer's dream OK -- across this bridge walks an Orangutan, a man of the woods. I said to being beside me, "asking me to be something different than what I am is like asking an orangutan not to be an orangutan." How prophetic dreams can be.

The second and the physical part of L'Orang came when I found myself without that "significant other." A venue for creative writing seemed to be lost not only with a breakup but also of the ending of La Chicliste, a previous web magazine. Then I remembered the orange ape. Voila, L'Orang was born.

I knew nothing about HTML and Java, but the universe brought me a wonderful and smart man, Brent from Wildcat Entertainment, who said, "you are going to learn," and that I am. He pushed when I needed to be pushed and helped when I cried for help.

The creative energy poured into L'Orang, is fed by the creative flow from the gay and lesbian artistic community. L'Orang, in a simple, fun, and direct way, tries to pass on that energy . Enjoy!

Michael Cottrell

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